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Custom Name Tape Tactical Patch (5 inch) - Hook Fastener / Iron-on

We also have this in 1 x 4 inch here

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This Nametape is 100% Embroidered
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Custom Name Tape / Patch

*****How to Order?*****

  1. All name tapes come in 1 inch width

  2. Please note that the length of your customized patch is 5 inch=(20 characters maximum). If you need a smaller patch please get the 4 inch one by clicking HERE.

  3. Please choose your desired background color from the drop-down menu. (if you chose the White- Glow in dark at this point, the background will be glow in dark. if you want your text to glow please select so from the text colors menu).

  4. please choose the backing you desire for your patch ((from the drop-down menu, (we have hook fastener backing) - and (iron-on adhesive backing, which is also great for sewing onto any garment))

  5. ***** Please Enter the text that you need us embroidered in the "write your text here" box. A live preview of what it will look like will appear on the image box. (please note that the image is the closest reference to what you will receive).

  6. please choose the text color you want us to embroider your text with. (this is the embroidery thread color, we currently offer 25 colors)

  7. If you dont specify the text color, we will just embroider with black color thread!
  8. And lastly Shipping & Handling:
    Please pay attention to the top of the page estimated custom product turn around time

Details About The Patch You Receive 

Made in USA
****the font used is Block or Brush Script Font per your request ****
****All the name tapes come with HOOK FASTENER BACKING OR IRON-ON ADHESIVE / SEW-ON BACKING per customer request. Simply chose your option from the drop-down menu****
****All name tapes will be centered and adjusted to fit into the size you indicate***
****The edges of all name tapes are sewn with heavy-weight threads ( Just Like in the pictures) to enhance durability and protect the patch from unraveling and loosening threads. We believe this patch will last a lifetime!


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