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30mm Frog Pro tactical leash 6ft long with swivel & detachable traffic leash 2-in-1 (personalizable) (Premade)

1.5 inch Tactical Collar $26.95 (Premade-Ship FAST)

Bungee Leash $19.95 (Premade-Ship FAST)

1.5 inch Custom Tactical Collar $31.95 (🌟New🌟)

Buy Custom Tactical Harness / Vest

1.5 inch Custom Tactical Collar $27.99 ☁️ Padded

2 inch Custom Tactical Collar $38.99 👋with Handle

2" Personalized Tactical Martingale Collar $46.95 🆕

1.5" Personalized Tactical E-collar $58 🌟New🌟

Buy Tactical MOLLE Vest with Pouches

Buy Solid Color/Reflective Collar
(Size= S,M,L) $19.99 HERE

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Ships Every Mondays
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Frog Clamp / Metal Buckle / with swivel
New upgraded version of our 1" frog leash
Have 2 Dogs? get 2 leashes and a coupler 30mm leash coupler $19.95 (Premade-Ship FAST)
This leash has a 1.5"x7" loop panel for patches Buy More custom patches for this leash!

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Heavy Duty K9 gear Built to Last

Whether you're in the market for a stylish collar for your pup or in search of durable gear for your K9 companion, we have exactly what you need. Our selection includes a variety of training collars and leashes, We're thrilled to introduce our newly redesigned 30mm Frog Pro Leash, which includes a 2-in-1 detachable traffic leash. This leash serves as the cornerstone of your dog's gear and can be enhanced with various compatible attachments, such as couplers and waist belts.

This Leash is an upgrade to our best selling 1 inch wide Tactical Frog leash. We listened to your requests and improved this leash by making it Longer, wider, and thicker. This leash features 30 mm webbing and a 30 mm buckle and is 6 ft long however when unbuckled, it can be a 2 ft traffic leash (pictured below).

There are 2 handles on the traffic leash designed in a way to keep both shorter and taller dogs even closer to the handler. 

(the long 4 ft part can be buckled to the side V-ring & buckle attachment option of our 2 inch Wide tactical dog collar pictured below)

There are a total of 4 handles on this leash that are strategically located so that when you pull, the pressure is equally distributed on both your hands. 

This leash is made from heavy-duty double layer nylon webbing and is perfect for controlling your dog in difficult situations. Double Layer Webbing and Metal clamps make this leash the toughest one out there. The Metal Frog clamp is extremely quick and easy to attach to the collar.

All Handles (except the closest one to the frog clamp) are equipped with soft padding on the inside to reduce the impact on the handler. 

This leash also comes with a swivel to avoid getting tangled up when the dog spins. 

Pros: This leash can be shortened quickly to give more control over your dog in crowded areas by just unbuckling. 

Customization information (+$9.99):

This leash has a 1.5 x 7 inch Loop Panel to attach Patches. if you choose to personalize this leash, your personalization will be embroidered on a 1.5 x 5 inch patch which will then (depending on your choice) be permanently sewn on the leash or hook backed to be used like removable patches. you can purchase additional 1.5x 5 inch custom patches HERE .

(Keep in mind if you like your order to ship fast please order the custom patches separately- Custom products take longer to ship)


All of our gear is crafted from top-quality materials, and we're confident that you'll be thoroughly impressed with our work, making you a returning customer. To show our appreciation, here's your 10% discount code in advance. RETURN10
Explore our product range today and discover the thousands of 5-star reviews from satisfied customers. Your loyal companion deserves nothing but the best!"

Guide to get the best Tactical collar for your dog

1.5 inch Padded collar:

Get this collar If you want your dog to feel comfortable around the neck and still have the look & feel of a tactical collar. This is one of our best selling collars & with a $25 price tag, its a bang for the buck!

Cons: Due to the thickness, it uses a belt type buckle making it a little difficult to get on and off the dog



1.5 inch quick release collar

This is truly an all-purpose collar. this doesn't have a padding unlike the last one but is still thick enough with double layer webbing. we put a quick-release buckle on this collar which makes it extremely easy to use. While this collar is great for all breeds and sizes, it is especially ideal for growing Dogs. We kept your pup's growth in mind when designing this collar and gave it an increased range of adjustability.

Cons: Does Not have a handle





2 inch quick release collar with handle

We made this collar wider and added a handle. this thing has a stainless steel D-Ring and is virtually indestructible! This is perfect for fully grown tougher dogs that require heavy-duty collars.

Cons: Because of the handle taking space, it has a reduced range of adjustability.



2 inch Martingale Collar with Buckle

This type collar is popular among trainers. the loop tightens once pulled and gives you more control over heavy pulling dogs. the 2 inch wide webbing distribute the pressure over a larger surface. Metal quick release buckle make life so much easier so you don't have to adjust the collar every time. padding on the inside is also a great addition for more comfortable wear.

This collar can be worn on just about any dogs and we highly recommend this type, however proper use and sizing are extremely important so the collar won't harm you dog.

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