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1.5" Tactical E collar for Dog Training systems with personalized patch and handle option compatible with most Dogtra, Garmin, Sportdog & E-Collar Technologies receivers

Bungee Leash $19.95 (Premade-Ship FAST)

30mm Frog Pro leash $44.95 (Premade-Ship FAST)

1.5 inch Tactical Collar $26.95 (Premade-Ship FAST)

1.5 inch Custom Tactical Collar $27.99 ☁️Padded

1.5 inch Custom collar $31.95🌟Quick-release buckle

2 inch Custom Tactical Collar $38.99 👋with Handle

2" Personalized Tactical Martingale Collar $46.95 🆕

Buy Custom Tactical Harness / Vest

Buy Tactical MOLLE Vest with Pouches

Buy Solid Color/Reflective Collar
(Size= S,M,L) $19.99 HERE

Buy Additional 1.5x4 in Patch

Buy Additional PVC Flag Patch

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Receiver Not included
NOT Compatible with GPS tracking Receivers

Measure your receiver's inner strap width
Most Dogtra Training receivers use 1" strap
Most Garmins and others use 3/4" inner strap
Read Product Description for guidance!
How to Measure you dog's Neck Size:
Wrap your tape Tightly Around the neck
Do Not Slide Fingers or add inches
"DOWNSIZE" if measurement falls in between

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1.5" Tactical E-collar

With our 1.5" Tactical E collar, you can carry out your pup's training with ease! Plus, you don't need multiple collars to hold a receiver, air tag, Fi trackers, and a personalized name patch. The collar won't budge or slip though out the day, so just one adjustment will do. Quick release buckles make taking it off and on a breeze. We listened to your needs and designed an E collar sure to satisfy your every need. Conquer your canine's training with our innovative collar!

E-collar Receiver is not included

This collar features a receiver strap that must traverse your receiver rings; the exact width varies depending on the manufacturer, though most are either 1" like most Dogtra receivers or 3/4" wide like Garmin and most other brands. Consequently, it is your obligation to measure the receiver inner strap's width and select the suitable option.

Examples of Compatible receivers by brand:

Dogtra (Most with 1" inner strap): Most Dogtra receivers such as:  ARC, 1900NCP, 1902NCP, 1900S, 1902S, 2300NCP, 2302NCP, 3500NCP, 3502NCP, Edge, Edge RT, YS500, 1400NCP, 1500NCP, 1600NCP, 1700NCP, 1800 series, 2200 series, 7100H, 7102H, H Plus, 200NC, 1100NC, 1200NC, 1202NC, 1200NCP, 1202NCP, 2000NC, 2002NC, 2000NCP, and 2002NCP.

Dogtra (with 3/4" inner strap): 200C, 202C, 280C, Tom Davis Edition 280C, 282C, IQ MINI, IQ PLUS, E-Fence 3500, YS200

Garmin: (Most with 3/4" inner strap): Garmin Sport Pro, Pro 550, Pro 70, Delta Series (Delta SE, Delta XC, Delta Sport, Delta smart) Barklimiter Delux, Tri-Tronics PT10 

E-Collar Technologies: (Most with 3/4: inner strap): ET-300 / 302 MINI Educator, ET-400 / 402 Educator, EZ-900 Easy Educator series, FE-560 FOB Educator, FT-330 Finger training Educator, ME-300 Micro Educator, (300s, 400s, 900s, RX-050, RX-070, RX-090, RX-1000, BP-504, & Pager Only Receivers)

E-Collar Technologies (with 1" inner strap): 800s, 1200s, RX-120, RX-150 and older Large TS and A-Model Receivers.

Sportdog: 425, 825, 1875 series such as (Fieldtrainer 425X, contain+train, Sporthunter 1225X, Wetlandhunter 1825X, ...)

It is your responsibility to measure and choose the right inner strap width. 

How to Measure you dog's Neck Size:

Wrap your measuring tape Tight and Firm Around the neck of your dog where the collar normally sits (Under the head behind the ears). Do Not Slide Fingers or add inches to your total measurements. And we will take care of the rest! 

please note that the sizing below shows the dog's neck measurement when the receiver is in place. taking the receiver off will make this collar bigger so you need to add around 2 inches to the sizing (min-max) chart below.

Choose a size accordingly from options below.

Small = 14" to 17"

Medium = 15.5" to 19.5"

Large = 18" to 24"



Guide to get the best Tactical collar for your dog

1.5 inch Padded collar:

Get this collar If you want your dog to feel comfortable around the neck and still have the look & feel of a tactical collar. This is one of our best selling collars & with a $25 price tag, its a bang for the buck!

Cons: Due to the thickness, it uses a belt type buckle making it a little difficult to get on and off the dog



1.5 inch quick release collar (This product)

This is truly an all-purpose collar. this doesn't have a padding unlike the last one but is still thick enough with double layer webbing. we put a quick-release buckle on this collar which makes it extremely easy to use. While this collar is great for all breeds and sizes, it is especially ideal for growing Dogs. We kept your pup's growth in mind when designing this collar and gave it an increased range of adjustability.

Cons: Does Not have a handle





2 inch quick release collar with handle

We made this collar wider and added a handle. this thing has a stainless steel D-Ring and is virtually indestructible! This is perfect for fully grown tougher dogs that require heavy-duty collars.

Cons: Because of the handle taking space, it has a reduced range of adjustability.




2 inch Martingale Collar with Buckle

This type collar is popular among trainers. the loop tightens once pulled and gives you more control over heavy pulling dogs. the 2 inch wide webbing distribute the pressure over a larger surface. Metal quick release buckle make life so much easier so you don't have to adjust the collar every time. padding on the inside is also a great addition for more comfortable wear.

This collar can be worn on just about any dogs and we highly recommend this type, however proper use and sizing are extremely important so the collar won't harm you dog.

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